About HBS

During 14/12/2011, our section had combined with section 01 and carry out the Harvard Business School, HBS case study. Our main idea in HBS case study is about competitive among the famous handset manufacturer such as Symbian, Apple and others.
Initially we were in group of 5, but the discussion is only about 3 hours. Since there are a lot of group, we were required to reform our group from 5 peoples to 7 peoples. First, we are sitting group by group. After that we need to prepare a piece of paper and write our name on it to let lecturers and teaching assistant to know ourselves and this save a lot of time because we doesn’t need to introduce ourselves.
Lecturers had introduced themselves and show the slides they had prepared on the screen. There are 10 question distribute to 10 group of us. Every group leader is required to do sortition on the stage. Lecturers had prepared 10 piece of small paper which contain of the number of questions. My group gets the question number 2. The question is asking about what are the lessons that we learn from this HBS case study.
After the task had been given, we have 30 minutes to prepare our points. Since the time is limited, we are required straight to point and avoid the unnecessary elaboration. I am the first person to give a talk of my answer in my group. My answer is actually quite simple. One of the lessons that I had learned from this case study is about the important of creativity and innovative. What is the actual factor that causes the Apple success in mobile space in a short time?
Nowadays, the most popular hand phone definitely is iPhone. iPhone manufacturer, Apple put a lot of creative function and much better touch screen on their product. User of Apple products also can download many creative applications from Apple store through online. There are many interesting music can be downloaded through iTunes.
Users of mobile products are desire more creative and new product day to day. The creativity of Apple product had been success to fulfill user’s appetite and attract many people to purchase their products. The other competitors become hard to get back the market since the rise of Apple. So, what is the relation of this example with our life?
In term of success, we need always be creative and innovative. We should think differently and have a differently point of view when we do our jobs. It is helpful in our campus life as well as our career life. If we do everything same with others, then we will always just a follower. We should be have a target that is to be a person that followed by others.
The time is gold. I am just simple answer this question with “We need be creative and innovative to success in our life”. My group members are then answers the question with different opinion. Since there are 7 people shared one question, it is quite difficult to have totally different answer for one question. However, we try our best to finish our task. Other group are also present their answer very nice.
Time goes fast, after all groups had presented their answer, it is almost 6 pm. The HBS discussion is actually very relax. This is unexpected experience for me. Before the discussion, I though the situation should be serious and very formal. Since we have 2 humorous lecturers, the situation become very relax. We can hear a lot laughing during our discussion. Lastly, lecturers had make a conclusion and ending for our discussion. We were took several picture before we dismiss. It is a nice and memorable experience for us. We should appreciate it and hope our next case study will become better. Thank for viewing my journal.