What i think about ?

Based on our small survey and other information that search from internet, there are many negative perceptions on IT careers.

Database related careers are not well known by social compared to others IT jobs like software engineer. This phenomenon happens because the databases as well as database related career are not directly communicated with social. Databases are information that store inside computer. Only someone who expect in IT will have a contact with database. Since normal user won’t contact databases, the databases become less famous compared to others IT careers.

Although databases related career are not well known by social, but it is actually an important role in IT field. We can found that every system or software needs databases that contain all the command and data to execute. Professional or expert database administrators have responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization’s database. They always doing backup for other IT career to ensure their program or system can execute smoothly.

Since databases are not well promoted by our country, there are more chances for us to get job compared to other IT career. In this modern world, many businesses started on internet. This type of business we called electronic business or e-Business. For example, DELL, a PC manufacturer and seller organisation opens their store online instead of a shop. To accomplished this online store, a large database are required as well as a group of people to manage the database. Those are our jobs. However in our country, expert databases careers are less since there are only few institutions offered course for database. So, we are more easily to get a job with higher paid after graduate.

Lastly, there are no best courses or best job in our life. To success, it doesn’t depend what courses I am taking, it is depend on how much effort I on it.  Difference courses will produce different expert in different field. We can’t lack one of them. So, I will try my best to get the best in my own field.